Contact Manager and Investment Tracking Software

This groundbreaking software will track investments and manage your contacts with very little effort. You can also create many reports, including annual and quarterly reports, estate records, taxable income reports, rule of 100 reports, various aging reports, and others.

The Contact Manager will track appointments and take you through the seminar management process, keeping track of every aspect and automatically tracks seminar attendees, no-shows, and mailer respondents. Easily manage lists, create mail merges from lists, print envelopes, keeping a record of all correspondence sent.

Download Mutual Funds and Variable Annuity data for client reports.

Color-code Investments: The program has a color-coding feature for investments to display Taxability???, ???Risk, A.M. Best, and Moringstar Ratings in great looking reports for presentations.

Fixed Indexed Annuity Illustrator: Allows you to run Fixed Indexed Index Annuity Illustrations for a date range with caps and participation rates, using various crediting methods, for Dow Jones, S&P 500, and NASDAQ 100.

Estate Record Reports: these can include all types of investment, also beneficiaries and a last wishes section, and all valuations of the estate. Great for presentations and annual reviews.

Other Reports include performance reports for the best and worst performing Mutual Funds, Variable Annuities and Fixed Index Annuities, also, clients holding a particular Mutual Fund or Variable Annuity, sub-account or company, clients by value, Investment Companies by value, birthdays, investment maturities, commission and application tracking, etc.



Company Inquiries:

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  • Take audio/video tour

    After downloading the program, you will be asked to fill in a form called 'Company Information'. It is mandatory in order to run the program. If you do not have a company, just enter your name for the company.


    IMPORTANT: Watch these audio/video installation instructions for your version of Windows BEFORE downloading software. WINDOWS 7, 8, & 10, 2000 & XP

  • Sample Reports

    Click here to view some of the reports the program can produce.

User's Comments and Review

  • ???I can???t believe this program is free. My clients really appreciate the Estate Records I prepare for them. It has increased my business a lot.???

    – Rob D., Phoenix, AZ

  • ???The contact manager is very user friendly. I love it. I used to use Act, but this is so much easier to use and the seminar manager is great too. The attendee and no-show tracking is amazing.???

    – Ken R., San Diego, CA.

  • ???This program should cost serious money, yet it???s free, unbelievable.???

    – Robert M., Fargo, ND.

  • ???I love your seminar manager and the way I can print the appointment letter on the fly as my appointment setter sets them. I would pay good money for this program if I had to. I can???t be without it.???

    – Tom B., Houston, TX